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TendWell Farm prides itself on growing, packing and shipping high quality, healthy, organic produce that feeds families and communities nationwide.

Our Story

We started farming on ¼ acre of land in our front yard in 2008. We had just purchased our first home, an 1800’s farmhouse nestled in the crook of some of the tallest mountains in our region.  We had no tools, no money and only a little bit of experience. We went down to our local farmers market with our first harvest in spring 2009, we made about $35 and we were on top of the world! In our first years of farming, we washed every bag of lettuce by hand and spun it dry in a retrofitted washing machine, we picked squash before daylight on Saturdays, we dug rocks out of garden beds so that beets could grow, we rustled thousands of still-warm eggs out from under mama hens. As the years went on, we patched together more and more land in our rural community. We bought equipment, drip tape, wash lines, coolers, stickers, boxes—you name it—all on credit cards and with loans we hoped we could pay back at the end of the year. We learned which crops grew best in our environment and we learned how to grow them well. We learned a LOT from our fellow local farmers, we attended every local conference about agriculture and we slowly, slowly grew our business.

We are now the largest organic farm in WNC, leaders in our community for quality and personality 😉 While we have now far outgrown our one car garage converted to a packing shed, our 1983 red Toyota and our quarter-acre market garden, we haven’t outgrown our love of growing food.

Fun Facts

TendWell Farm now grows and distributes over 1.5 million pounds of organic produce annually throughout the South East and beyond.

We are committed to rehabilitating the current food system through regenerative practices, including topsoil restoration, increasing biodiversity, improving water sheds, enhancing ecosystems and combating climate change.

Our farm prides itself on providing well-paying, morally healthy employment opportunities for people near and far.

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